Luster has an exclusive advantage that sets it apart from the standard injection moulding manufacturer. Our on-site tool and die manufacturing division allows us to reduce turnaround time on new production. Our objective to attain maximum production, minimum cycle time and prolonged mould life is achieved in one simple process.

CNC Mills | EDMs | Lathes | Drilling | Welding | Care & Maintenance of existing moulds | Versatile mould bases to reduce costs

The result is a mould that effectively withstands the rigorous demands of high-pressure injection moulding.

We have the state-of-the art manufacturing facility with more than 130 plastic injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging from 25 tons to 3,300 tons. The machines provide precision and high precision moulding of up to 5 microns. We can run all types of resins from commodity to engineered grades, high temperature to filled materials.

Luster is committed to improving productivity through automation and controlled environment. The presses are operated in an automatic mode to the highest extent possible. Parts are removed from the injection mould by robotics or conveyor systems. The outcome is a reliable, efficient, and cost effective system to improve the manufacturing process.

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