Board of Director


Mr Liang Wooi Gee was appointed to the Board of Luster as an Executive Director on 30 September 2008, and subsequently redesignated as Deputy Managing Director on 28 June 2013.

Upon obtaining his diploma and completing the 3rd level of CIMA, he worked as an Account Officer in Sharp-Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (“SRC”), an electronic manufacturing company for 2 years. In 1996, he left SRC to join Zenmax Sdn Bhd (“Zenmax”), a gold jewelry manufacturing company, as an Account Executive. He was with Zenmax for 4 years before joining Terachi Corporation Sdn Bhd (“Terachi”), a company involved in rubber wood manufacturing. He left Terachi in 2000 and joined Luster Industries Bhd as a Management Accountant. He was promoted to Assistant Financial Controller in 2002 and subsequently to Financial Controller in 2004 before being appointed as an Executive Director in 2008.

He is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of Exzone Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd. He holds a Higher Diploma In Management Accounting and is currently a finalist of Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (“CIMA”).

He is a member of the Remuneration Committee.

Mr Chuah Chong Ewe was appointed to the Board of Luster as an Executive Director on 21 September 2018.

He joined Seal Incorporated Berhad in year 2005 as an Advisor before being promoted as Group Chief Executive Officer. He left Seal Incorporated Berhad in 2014 and joined Pentamaster Corporation Berhad. Mr Chuah through his leadership via various corporate entities had undertaken and completed sizeable mixed development with total Gross Development Value (“GDV”) of almost RM1 billion in various parts of the country.

He graduated from University of Malaya with a degree in LLB (Hons). He was admitted to the Malaysian Bar Council in 1993 and has approximately 20 years of experience in legal practice.

He is a member of the Risk Management Committee.

Mr Phuah Cheng Peng was appointed to the Board of Luster as an Executive Director on 21 July 2017.

He started his career in the planning and designing major infrastructural work for township development, construction and project management. In 2005, he ventured into property development mainly on landed development of affordable housing in the northern region. In 2010, he managed to procure several high potential land and lead a group of professionals to pursue on high-rise and landed development in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Klang Valley. He was appointed as Managing Director of GSD Group of Companies and its associate companies, which are involved in property development and construction, in 2010. He had successfully completed a number of iconic projects in Penang Island with a total gross development value of more than RM1.5 billion which consist of 1,600 units of mixed residential and commercial properties. Under his leadership, he had also completed a number of construction projects with value of more than RM650 million. He had also successfully completed 1,200 units of mixed development, mainly affordable housing and commercial units in Kedah, Penang and Kelantan with gross development value of more than RM 300 million. He left GSD Group of Companies and its associate companies in 2016 was appointed as an advisor to the Group. Currently, he is also an advisor to same development and construction projects in the northern region.

He obtained his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

He is the Managing Director of Luster Construction Sdn Bhd, Luster Venture Sdn Bhd, Luster Hijauan Home Sdn Bhd and Jade Classic Sdn Bhd.

Mr Wee Song He, Wilson was appointed as an Executive Director of Luster Industries Bhd on 12 June 2012. He graduated with a Diploma in Digital Film Arts from School of Audio Engineering in 2005. He joined the private education sector for two years, where he was responsible in lecturing key programs and program coordination. In 2007, he joined Winco Precision Engineering (Melaka) Sdn Bhd (“WPESB”) and Winco Precision Technologies Sdn Bhd (“WPTSB”) as an Executive Director. Apart from being actively involved in the overall coordination, execution and management of all projects undertaken by WPESB, he is responsible for leading the Company in conceptualising, formalising and implementing corporate strategies.

He is the Director of WPESB and WPTSB.

Mr Wee is a member of the Risk Management Committee.

Mr Chuah Chong San was appointed to the Board of Luster as an Alternate Director on 22 September 2020. 

Upon obtaining his degree in Electrical Engineering, he started his career in Motorola Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd (previously known as Motorola Malaysia Sdn Bhd) (“Motorola”) as Test System Engineer. In 1998, he had transferred to Internal Control function, focusing on Information Technology (“IT”), Information Security Protection & Compliance. He was promoted to perform engineering management roles in 2000. He led a team to digitise and transform key supply chain business processes. He was promoted to Penang IT lead in 2005 to manage simplification and consolidation of Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) system across multiple businesses within Motorola. During his IT career, he had the opportunities to play IT lead roles in multiple Merger, Acquisition and Divesture projects. He had also successfully migrated regional IT Business system to Global enterprise system in 2013. In 2016, he was promoted to be the Asia Pacific IT lead, focusing on modernising the IT Infrastructure, partnering with Third-Party Logistics (“3PL”) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (“EMS”) to deliver IT solution and supporting IT services in 12 Asia Pacific countries. He left Motorola Solutions in 2020. 

He graduated from University Malaysia with degree in Electrical Engineering in 1989. In 1998, he obtained his Master of Business Administration from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

He is the Director of Exzone Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd, Glovmaster Sdn Bhd and Glovconcept Sdn Bhd.

Encik Ahmad Kamal Bin S. Awab was appointed to the Board of Luster as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 21 July 2017. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Brunel University through Henley Management College.

He is a banking and business management veteran of more than 35 years plus; a well-known and recognized individual for his wide circuit in handling and managing relationships of global multi-national companies, financial institutions and local corporate as well as public sector state agencies and government-linked companies. He has proven an exemplary track record in areas of credit and risk management, global transaction services, capital markets, corporate finance, derivatives and treasury products in his years of services with global banking institutions such as Citibank, ABN-AMRO Bank and Deutsche Bank. He also had served as a Senior General Manager of Malaysia Nasional Insurance for a period of one year before joining H2O Capital Sdn Bhd as its Advisor and Director where he served for 6 years before leaving the company in 2008 to take up the position as the Head of Global Corporate and Financial Institutions for the Commercial Bank of Qatar, (a Stock Company of Qatar) in Doha, Qatar. Apart from his role as Head of Global Corporate and Financial Institutions, he also oversees the International Syndication portfolios and Corporate Finance transactions as well as Remedial, Recovery Management primarily restructuring and reconstructing credit/debt defaults. In addition, he was also entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing Audit, Risk management, Corporate Governance and Compliance where he was exposed to the aspects of another regional market covering the Middle East and North Africa.

He left Commercial Bank of Qatar in 2013. In 2014, he was made the Advisor and ASEAN Regional Representative of Bridgeway Finance Limited, United Kingdom; and in the same year was also appointed as Advisor to COGE Global Ventures Sdn Bhd (where he has since resigned from the two positions in December 2018). In August 2017, he was appointed as Director of Leverage3 Consulting Sdn Bhd; and Director of Business Development of Premium Capital Partners Sdn Bhd, a nonbank lender pioneer in General Insurance Premium financing business of extending credit to policyholders (“insured”) to pay insurance premium.

In August 2018, he was appointed as Director and Responsible Person (RP) of Crowd Sense Sdn Bhd, a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crowd Financing under its digital platform ‘’ which is supervised and governed by Securities Commission Malaysia. 

He has constantly re-engineered and updated himself in the field of finance and risk management through interaction with industry experts and seminars attended in his personal capacity.

He is the Chairman of Audit Committee and a member of the Nominating Committee, Remuneration Committee and Risk Management Committee.

Encik Mohamed Shukri bin Mohamed Zain was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 9 March 2010. He received his early education in King George V School in Seremban. Subsequently, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing and Finance) from Winthrop University, South Carolina, United States of America in 1987.

Upon returning from the United States, he was employed by the Federal Land Development Authority Group where he first served as a Purchasing Officer in FELDA Trading Corporation. Thereafter, he was transferred to FELDA Marketing Corporation (“FELMA”) in 1991. In 1993, he was put in charge of FELMA’s London office, which served as Malaysia’s main palm oil trading office for both the European and the American markets. In 1996, Encik Mohamed Shukri together with some partners incorporated a logistics company, MayGlobe Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd. He was one of the major shareholders and served as the Group Managing Director from the inception of the company until late 2006. He is the Managing Director of Nano Quest (M) Sdn Bhd, a company which treats palm oil mill effluent as well as a director of Greater Tampin Oto Sdn Bhd, operating a Honda distributorship in Negeri Sembilan. 

He is the Chairman of Nominating Committee and Risk Management Committee and a member of the Audit Committee.

Dato’ Yew Tian Tek was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 29 May 2019. He obtained his Bachelor degree for Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering from University of Malaya in 1982. In 1990, he obtained his Master in Industrial Management from University of East Asia.

Dato’ Yew has been working in Motorola Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Motorola”) for 32 years and was appointed as chairman of Motorola from September 2006 to July 2014. During this tenure, he also served as Deputy Chairman of the Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC) for 7 years from 2006 to 2013. He was Deputy Chairman of the Free Industrial Zone Penang Companies Association (“FREPENCA”) for 6 years from 2008 to 2014. He was Amcham Young Enterprise Area Chairman in 2007 and 2008 which benefited 600 secondary school students annually. He was appointed as Penang Science Council from 2009 to 2013. His key contribution includes Lego Robotic club and Penang Science Fair which achieved 30,000 attendance in 2013. In May 2013, he was appointed as University Sains Malaysia (USM) Industry Fellow. He was a member of Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) Advisory from 2006 to 2012 and lead local Small Medium Enterprise (“SME”) development. He had successfully developed many local SME to be global suppliers. He has been a member of the Board of Governor in University of Wollonggong Malaysia KDU since 2016.

He is the Chairman of Remuneration Committee, member of Audit Committee, Nominating Committee and Risk Management Committee.

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