In 2014, the district of Manjung, Perak, was included in The Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER; Malay: Koridor Utara) and this was followed by the rest of Perak in 2016. The northern states that form NCER which also include of the three northwestern states of Malaysia, namely Perlis, Penang and Kedah is a development plan encompassing remain as the country’s most ideal agricultural location with consistent tropical weather as well as vast and fertile land. All the four states have consistently enjoyed economic and political prosperity. The region is strategically located, bordering Thailand and facing the Straits of Malacca. It has the potential to be a world-class trade destination by leveraging on strong relationships with Sumatra and Thailand. The region’s border towns such as Pengkalan Hulu-Betong (of Yala Province), Padang Besar, Bukit Kayu Hitam-Sadao and Durian Burung-Ban Prakop (of Songkhla) are gateway towns between Malaysia and Thailand that hold limitless potential for economic and social expansion. The NCER blueprint plan was targets at five core economic sectors of the region which is agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, logistics, and education & human capital.
Enjoy the Comfort and Peace of the Heart. With strategic location in Pengkalan Hulu, Taman Tasik Malaysia offers access to a variety of infrastructure facilities and nearby attractions. Get in touch with the natural features of landscape such as Hot Spring Pond, Gunung Lang Kuak Hulu, Gua Gendang where you can enjoy and explore a natural scenery. Growth Triangle; a "Northgate" is a mixed commercial and industrial development by the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand with The Zone Free Duty Shopping Centre that located about 7Km away near border of Thailand. Experience the ambiance of the natural greenery nature with peace the mind. Complete with architecture and design contemporary, this dream home is ready in the modern lifestyle and waiting for the whole family.


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